Tokyo based on DJ /
Producer Midori Aoyama.


Let's play soundtrack
Produced by Midori Aoyama.

Green Groove November 2016

Track list
1) Claes Rosen – Kvasten I Hörnet / Local Talk
2) Opolopo, Roy Ananda, Sacha Williamson – Transformation (Larry A Remix) / Double Cheese Records
3) Markus Enochson – Don’t Let Me Down Easy (Lay-Far Remix) / Crush
4) Harvey Sutherland – Priestess / Clarity Recordings
5) Adesse Versions – Ebony Roses / Heist Recordings
6) Adesse Versions – Devoted / Toy Tonics
7) Adesse Versions – In the Sticks / Numbers
8) Ouer – The ascent (Adesse Versions remix) / Heist Recordings
9) Adesse Versions – Wash My Soul / Local Talk
10) Adesse Versions – E to E / Heist Recordings
11) Adesse Versions – Thank U / Local Talk


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