Tokyo based on DJ /
Producer Midori Aoyama.


Let's play soundtrack
Produced by Midori Aoyama.

Green Groove May 2015

Track List
1. Atjazz – Fox Tooth
2. Art Of Tones – The Rainbow Song
3. Kez YM – Escape to the Vibe
4. Phil Weeks – A Man Needs a Woman
5. Lay-Far – Coming Back (Original Mix)
6. Fouk – Kill frenzy
7. Detroit Swindle – Figure of Speech
8. Si Tew – Breathe (feat. Molly)
9. Homework – Hudson Square
10 Homework – Confessing
11. Homework -Time & Time
12. Chet Faker – 1998 (Reshaped By Homework)


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