Tokyo based on DJ /
Producer Midori Aoyama.


Let's play soundtrack
Produced by Midori Aoyama.

OIRAN WARM UP MUSIC out 9th April!!!!!!

One of my best place to worm up before enjoy night life. It’s called ‘Shibuya OIRAN’

And Finally they’ve got original compile CD from their label ‘OIRAN MUSIC’

I’m really happy to join this project and put my remix of Rasmus Faber’s ‘Clear Rain’.
It’ll come up 9th April!!! Looking forward to get it and feel so much love from oiran family!!!!!


昨日情報解禁されましたが、渋谷道玄坂に店を構えるウォームアップバー’Shibuya OIRAN’発の音楽レーベル’OIRAN MUSIC’から、CDがリリースされます。

その中でも僕が昨年リリースしたRasmus Faber feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw – Clear Rain (Midori Aoyama Remix)も参加させてもらっています。。。


Track List
01. サーカスナイト(Seaside Magic of L&B) / 七尾旅人
02. ロンドンは夜8時(AMWE x 環ROY Version) / London Elektricity
03. Welcome To Tokyo ft. ナマコプリ&サオリリス / Sakiko Osawa
04. PositiveNoise(Sakiko Osawa OIRAN Mix) / System 7
05. Got Moves(OIRAN Radio Edit) / Saga Bloom Vs. Remundo
06. Tokyo Disco Beat(Radio Edit) / Sakiko Osawa
07. Mambo Mambo(Club Edit) / i-dep
08. ナマコプリのトラップ / ナマコプリ
09. Oiran Do-Chu / Mijk van Dijk feat. DAFTY
10. Come On-A My House / COLDFEET
11. Oiran Sessions / daurade ft. AO
12. Clear Rain (Midori Aoyama Remix radio edit) / Rasmus Faber feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw
13. SakuraChill / Haioka
14. hikari (T-ak & Toby on Drei Monday Remix) / Language
15. blue breezin’ Featuring ken kaizu / Quiet Birth a.k.a. Shiba 


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